Research work

Research work

Research work

Research activities of professors and teaching staff of the department "Economics and Innovative Business" are aimed at achieving the main goal - the training of specialists with modern professional skills and qualifications in the fields of economics, management and public administration.

As part of the general research theme of the department "Problems of the national economy in the context of globalization," teachers of the department work in the following areas:

Aliyev U.ZH. - philosophy and science studies; Daubaev K.ZH. - economic efficiency of the transport and communication complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan, economics and management of higher education; ShimshikovZh.E. - development of competition and antitrust policy; Yesymhanova Z.K. - financial and credit system; Orynbekova G.A. - environmental economics; Z.U. Tulegenova, A.N. Turdaly - economics of agrarian and industrial complex; Abdraimova G.K. - world economy; Zeinollina M.T., Aipov B.B. - the scope of entrepreneurship;Maimurunova A.A. - city economy; Kakimzhanov Z.R., Nurpeisova A.A. - state and local government, state budget; Iskakov B.M., AtirbekovA.Sh., Dyusembayeva G.B. - investment and innovation economy.

In recent years, the volume of scientific research has increased, the number of published monographs and scientific articles in journals with a non-zero impact factor has increased Thomson Reuters и Scopus («Actual Problem of Economics scientific economic journal», «Life Science Journal», «Economy of the region»), and also in magazines recommended by KKSON MES RK(Journal "Economics: Strategy and Practice", Journal "Economics and Statistics", Bulletin of the University "Turan"), RCSI (Journal  «Questions of Economic Sciences ", Journal«vestnikIDNK", Journal «Social and economic systems», Journal“Economics. Right.State").

The department cooperates with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of National Economy, the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Regulation of Natural Monopolies, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the State Administration for Social Development of the City of Astana, the Republican State Enterprise “The Public Service Center of the Baikonur District” “Almaty” district ”, Astana, Zheldorexpertiza LLP, NPP RK Atameken, as well as with leading commercial banks and enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Astana.

The department provides an international exchange of students, undergraduates, doctoral students and teachers with foreign partners.
Undergraduates and doctoral students undergo research internships at universities such as the Varna Free University. ChernorizetsKhrabra, Economic University-Varna (Varna, Republic of Bulgaria), GlobalCareer Institute (Baku, Azerbaijan), University of Santiago de Sherome (Santiago de Compostela, Spain), University of Malaga (Spain), Kostroma State University (Kostroma, Russia), Samara State University of Railways and Communications (Samara, Russia), Omsk Regional Institute (Omsk, Russia), HSE Campus, Russian University of Peoples Friendship (RUDN), etc.

The department "Economics and Innovative Business" holds public lectures by invited foreign and domestic scientists, representatives of the business community, scientific seminars of the teaching staff of the department, round tables. Thus, students of the department listened to the following special courses of foreign scientists: “Current issues of the labor market, tourism and economic development trends in Bulgaria and Kazakhstan”, lecturer - associate professor of economics and business services, director of the Center for Continuing Education of the International Business School (MBBU) Botevgrad, Bulgaria);Business management", lecturer - Master of Economics and Business Administration "Oscar García de Serdio, University of Malaga (Spain); "City Economics", lecturer - Doctor of Economics, Professor, Director of the Institute of Regional Studies and Urban Planning of the Higher School of Economics National Research University Ilina I.N. (Moscow, Russian Federation), etc.

In addition, guest lectures are held with the invitation of practitioners: “Concepts of sustainable development of the economy, its strategies and the influence of the banking system of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (lecturer - MT Mukanova, branch manager of Eurasian Bank JSC); “Analysis of big data with demonstration of practical projects” (lecturer - director of the data analysis department of AO National Information Technology Company R. Zhukenov); “Blockchain in Kazakhstan: Trends and Prospects” (lecturer - General Director of interactiv Kazakhstan LLP Kudaibergenuly N.).

Students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the department are actively involved in research work. According to the results of the research, students, undergraduates get out with reports at meetings of scientific circles and international, republican student conferences. Among them are the doctoral student Zhanarakyzy A., who took part in the international scientific-practical conference "Europeanresearch" and received a diploma of 1 degree for the scientific work "Trends in investment activities in the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan", Penza, Russia.

The department operates a student scientific circle (SSK) "Business club", the head of the circle is Associate Professor Nurpeisova A.A. Monthly at meetings of the group, projects are defended and current issues of modern economics and organization of business processes are discussed. At the same time, students and undergraduates of the department annually take part in regional and international, republican subject olympiads.

In 2018, students and undergraduates of the specialty 5B050600 "Economics", 5B050700 "Management" took part in the second stage of the Republican Management Olympiad. In the individual competition, the undergraduate specialty 6M050600 "Economics" J. Kaliaskar (head Iskakov BM) took the 1st place. The “Unstoppable” team under the direction of A.N. Turdaly composed of: A. Dzhumataeva, A. Rustemkhanova, A. Mukaramova took 3rd place in the team competition. Kabdullaev A., student of specialty 5В051000 “State and local government”, took 1st place in the International Economic Olympiad on “Digital Economy” (Omsk. RF).

At the XI Republican Contest of Scientific Works of Students "UlymSharaynasy" held in Astana on December 28, 2018, a 3rd year student of the specialty "Economics" Akhmetov. under the scientific supervision of the professor of the department Yesymhanova Z.K. took 1st place.

Student of the 3rd year of the specialty 5B050600- “Economics” A. Karimov under the supervision of Professor Eshimkhanova Z.K. participated in the International competition for the best scientific work of students "World Olympiads" (Krasnodar, Russia, January 14, 2019). KarimovAdilkhan submitted to the competition a scientific work on the topic “The cost mechanism of local budgets in the regional policy of Kazakhstan”, which was awarded the Diploma of I degree.

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