Finance, accounting and assurance

The department carries out targeted training of bachelors in the specialties The department of "Finance, Accounting and Evaluation" trains bachelors in the following specialties: 5B050900 - "Finance", 5B050800 - "Accounting and Audit", 5B090800 - "Evaluation", 6M050900 - "Finance" and 6M050800 "Accounting" and audit. The department has sufficient educational, scientific, spiritual, educational, innovative and industrial potential, which is effectively, in accordance with the most modern approaches, is used to train highly qualified specialists.

Today the staff of the department is a cohesive team of professionals, led by a doctor (PhD), Associate Professor Aimkulov Rakhat. The department is constantly improving the academic quality of programs through integration into the global educational space, professional development of employees and effective cooperation with employers and other stakeholders in order to prepare specialists with critical thinking and able to navigate information flows.

The programs of the department have a number of competitive advantages: first, the educational programs are tailored to the requirements of employers; secondly, to give lectures in core disciplines in order to master students' professional competencies, practitioners are involved - leading experts from second-tier banks, investment and appraisal companies, qualified accountants and auditors.

The head of the department is a Doctor (PhD) in the specialty 6D050600 "Economics", associate professor - Aimkulov Rakhat.

In 2013, the specialties “Accounting and Audit”, “Finance” passed institutional accreditation in the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (Certificate IA No. 0026 dated January 6, 2014). Specialty 5В090800 - “Assessment” (Certificate No. AB0496 dated January 30, 2015) passed the specialized accreditation at the Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (IAAR).

Annually participates in IQAA ratings by specialties: 5B050800- “Finance”, 5B050900- “Accounting and Audit”, 5B090800- “Assessment”, as well as masters in the specialties 6M050900-Finance and 6M050800 - Accounting and Audit.

Department mission

Providing high-quality education in the field of finance, accounting and evaluation using innovative educational technologies and active teaching methods based on the integration of training, education, research and social processes.

Department functions

The department "Finance, Accounting and Evaluation" is focused on the training of professional staff to work in:

- banking institutions;

- appraisal companies;

- pension, investment companies;

- tax committees;

- joint-stock companies;

- limited liability partnerships;

- ministries, departments and agencies;

- enterprises and organizations with different forms of ownership;

- national management holdings;

- departments of national companies;


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