Distance learning

Distance learning

What is distance learning?

Distance education (DE) is a high-tech product of the scientific and technological revolution, widely using the idea of a marketing approach to student service, which explains its active spread throughout the world. Today, distance learning organically absorbs computer and Internet learning technologies. Modern technology is the link between the student and the teacher, which can be separated by thousands of kilometers. Training is conducted on the Internet, e-mail and other modern means of communication.


Where it is possible to do through distance learning?

The distance learning system allows you to acquire the necessary skills and new knowledge using a personal computer (PC) and access to the Internet. The location of the PC does not matter, so you can learn at home, at work, in the on-line cafe, as well as in any other place where there is a PC with Internet connection and without. This is a major advantage over traditional forms of education.


When can I study using distance learning?


DE - a very flexible system, it allows all participants of the educational process (students, teachers and administrators of the institution) to choose a convenient time of classes. This is the second most important argument in favor of DE.


Advantages over traditional forms of EDUCATION:


DE  allows you to learn anytime and anywhere where there is a computer with access (even not very frequent access) to the Internet. This is particularly important for students who work or are engaged in household duties, and also provides an opportunity to get an education for those who, for health reasons, cannot leave their homes at all.
DE allows the student to consult with the teacher at all times during the course of study.
In DE removed the problem of finding and purchasing training materials and manuals. The student gets access to a set of necessary educational materials immediately upon enrollment.



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