Committee for youth affairs

Committee for youth affairs


The Committee for Youth Affairs is a standing representative and coordinating body of students in courts of the provision this Committee, which is adopted at the conference of students and the rector of TAU.

The Committee for Youth Affairs has been successful in establishing diversified educational environment to contribute to qualitative professional and civil development of students of the university.

The main functions of the committee

Intensify an engagement of TAU students; 
Activating a student life of TAU;
Organizing a student government of TAU;
Implement the youth policy of TAU.

Activity of Committee for Youth Affairs

It includes conducting various events of implementing youth policy; undertaking extracurricular activities and holidays, mediating between students and the university administration.


Participate in organization and modernization of teaching and educational process in different directions and in groups at the university.
To form in the student groups the atmosphere of creativity and mutual aid. 
Participate in organization of research works of students.
Participate in organization of scientific conference and in conducting Olympiads.
Participate in the organization of shows, competitions in different directions.
Coordinate of activities of public organizations of the university on the implementation of youth policy, timely solution of youth problems.
Interacte with higher authorities, youth organizations on issues relating to the practical solution of youth problems.

Members of the Committee of Youth Affairs:

Temirlan Kairzhanov - Chairman of the CYA, Member of the Academic Council.
Zhanara Salykova - Deputy Chairman of the CYA, 2nd year student of the psychology faculty.
Zarina Kurmanbekova - Chairman of the Committee on Information, 2nd year student of the psychology faculty.
Elzhas Kalabayev - Chairman of the Committee of Culture, 1st year student of the tourism faculty.
Sveta Zhurina - manager of mass events, student of the 1st year student of Translation Studies.
Dariga Kanapyanova - Chairman of the External Relations Committee,
1st year student of Kazakh Language and Literature faculty.
Yerlan Idrisov - Chairman of the Sports Committee, 1st year student of the design faculty.
Alisher Almanbetov - a student dean, 1st year student of the jurisprudence faculty.
Arailym Mukasheva - secretary of the CYA, 1st year student of the jurisprudence faculty.
Aisha Kuzieva - resident of the CYA, 1st year student of the tourism faculty.
Aisulu Iskaliyeva - resident of CYA, 
2nd year student of the psychology faculty.

The Information Committee: create of a single information field TAU; provide students and staff with up-to-date information about the activities of the CYA, events at the university, current issues and problems of students' life; together with the administration of TAU, participate in the organization content of the site, official pages of TAU in social networks.
The Committee of Culture: bring bright colors to the life of TAU students, identify talents and supporting their activities, organize various events and entertainment programs for students.
The External Relations Committee is intended to ensure the interaction of TAU students with youth organizations and partners, to find new and interesting solutions for self-government from the experience of other universities.
The Sports Committee organizes the preparation and conduct of sport events, assists in the organization of sports sections.
Student dean is a representative of students, who heads the Student Council of the faculty, who makes decisions on student government issues, makes proposals for improving the activities of the dean's office and faculty, organizes events according to the plan of the student's dean's office.

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