School of Business and Information Technology

School of Business and Information Technology


                   The School of Business and Information Technology trains proactive, non-
standard thinking and effective specialists who are in demand on the labor market in 
the republic.
      The main activity of the School is the training of specialists with universal and 
subject-specific    competencies    in     the     field   of   information technology, services, 
business and management.
                 A high level of training of specialists is provided by a team of highly qualified 
teachers, professors and associate professors.
                There are 3 departments in the structure of the School of Business and 
Information Technology: the Department of Business Administration, the Department 
of Information Technology and the Department of Design, Service, Tourism.
                The faculty provides a full educational cycle of specialist training bachelor – 
Master – Doctor PhD

       Educational programs

Bachelor course

6B06101- Information Systems
6B06102- Computer technology and software
6B07105- State and local Government
6B04103 -Accounting and audit
6B04107- Audit
6B04104- Finance
6B04102- Management
6B04117- Finance and Business
6B02101- Design
6B02102- Decorative arts and ethnodesign
6B11101- Tourism
6B11102- Restaurant and hotel business


7M06101-Information systems 
7M11101 – Tourism
7M11103 - Restaurant and hotel business
7M04101- Economy
7M04102- Management
7M04108- HR Management
7M04103- Accounting and Audit
7M04104- Finance
7M04105- State and local Government
7M04110 – Digital technologies in finance and accounting
7M04116- Project Management
7M04117- Economics and Intellectual Property Management

Doctoral studies
8D04101- Economy

            Educational work
            The main objectives of the educational work of Business and information 
technology are: the formation of students' attitude to study, modern skills and 
comprehensive development of human and professional qualities of future specialists, 
constant stimulation of creative activity feasible for students, independence in 
mastering the theoretical and practical basis of the chosen specialty.

Directions in which educational work is carried out:
• Development of student self-government;
• Patriotic education;
• Spiritual and moral education;
• Cultural and mass work;
• Formation of motivation for a healthy lifestyle and its promotion among others;
• Development of the volunteer movement;
• Prevention of offenses among young people and the development of academic integrity;
• Prevention of interethnic and interfaith conflicts.

For the development and formation of leadership qualities, for personal growth and 
self-realization of students, student organizations function at the university, as well as 
students of BIT Schools actively participate in these organizations. The departments 
have student scientific circles.

Department members

Аимкулов Рахат Ашкенович
Аимкулов Рахат Ашкенович

Декан школы БИТ, PhD, доцент

Learning programs

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