Profession "Appraiser" is among the 30 most profitable and promising in the world and occupies the seventh line of the rating.
  • Languages

    Russian, Kazakh

  • How much to study?

    On the basis of CO - 4 years; On the basis of SPO (college) - 3 years; On the basis of higher education - 2 years.

  • Academic degree

    Bachelor of Economics and Business specialty 5B0906800 "Assessment"

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    Appraisers evaluate the value and value of any assets, ensuring that the valuation process complies with government regulations. They also record and analyze market data to ensure that their valuations are up to date. Appraisers may have general practice or specialize in both residential and commercial properties. Depending on the type of property being assessed and the place of work, they can spend most of their working time outside the office.

    The work includes tasks such as studying the key characteristics of the assets, researching the market for the asset being valued in the local region, constantly updating the best practices and rules, and preparing written reports. Applicants wishing to obtain a bachelor's degree for this role should be excellent communicators, both written and oral, be focused and attentive to details and have an analytical approach to decision making.


    Appraisers use different sources of data in assessing the value of assets, that is, they should be able to carefully examine a number of factors and analyze them before making a value decision and preparing a report.

    This role involves working on tight deadlines and time constraints, sometimes evaluating several types of assets in one day, so evaluators must have good time management skills to complete all the necessary tasks and meet all deadlines.

    o Appraisers;

    o Auditors;

    o Banking managers;

    o Credit specialists;

    o Specialists in mergers.


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The appraiser is a specialist who is able to determine the value of any type of property: movable and immovable, land, share holdings and business shares, property rights, intangible assets.

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