Educational work

Educational work

Educational work

The educational work of the Department "Social, humanitarian and linguistic disciplines" is aimed at all students of "Translation Studies" and "Kazakh language and literature." Educational work is a collaboration ofa curator and a student. Students have opportunity of interesting and unforgettable activitiesin and out of school.

The tasks of educational work include informing students about the possibility of self-realization at University.

At curatorial hours, first-year students get the opportunity to correctly orient themselves in a new environment for them and, most importantly, at this moment the foundation of patriotism for their University is laid; acquaintance with the traditions of the University. Our students are full of enthusiasm, and thanks to well-adjusted educational work promoting development of critical thinking, they learn and spend free time at university. At the Department, student attend clubs “Rukhani zangyru” and “Speaking club”, as well as the English-language theater “Discovery”.

Theatrical art with irreplaceable possibilities belongs to spiritual and moral influence. A student as an actor-performer can go through all stages of artistic and creative understanding of world, thinking about what and why a person says and does, how people understand it, why show the viewer what you can and want play what you think is expensive and important in life.

The club “Rukhani zangyru” is aimed at spiritual and creative development of young people. Intellectual games and meetings with media personalities are organized systematically. Various cultural events are dedicated to significant dates of Kazakhstan.

The project “I am Leader” was launched to increase activity, socialization and formation of an adequate self-assessment of students' work at the university. The expected result from the project is development of additional skills, performance of previously unfamiliar work, ability to planning and teamwork. As its part, students are required to work 30 hours. This contributes to development of students critical thinking when writing reports on the implementation of individual volunteer work.



Today, an online meeting was held between the Department of social, humanitarian and language disciplines of Turan-Astana University and secondary school No. 26 of the city of Nursultan. The Department works closely with the school to discuss such issues: such as employment of graduates, admission of students to academic practice. During the meeting, students asked questions and received answers to their concerns.

Also, the head of the Department, Professor Karipzhanova Gulnaz Tokenovna told about the features of writing a research paper. For example, the choice of a topic, the combination of theory and practice, the relevance of the topic, the author's position on the issue, the exaltation of national values.

Special attention was paid to the shortcomings in the choice of topics. In other words, the broader the topic, the more difficult it will be for both the student and the teacher to prove it. In this regard, the issue under study should be clear and relevant. At the end of the speech, the teachers were able to ask their questions and get comprehensive answers from G. Tokenovna.

In education, a well-established relationship between school and University is always important. There is no doubt that such methodical and scientific cooperation and joint work will always bring results.



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