How to write a CV, get into the largest companies

interview and find your dream job

To write a good resume, you need to focus on the main facts of your professional biography. Therefore, your professional business card should look like this:

1. Position

2. Contact details

3. Experience

4. Education

5. Professional skills

6. Recommendations

7. Additional information

What should be the structure of the resume to grab the attention of the employer.

Sample resume

1. Specify the position

If you do not know how to write a resume, be sure to indicate the position you are applying for. It is also the title of the resume. This is the most important part of your professional business card. The more accurate, the better, for example: "Accountant", "Translator from English", "Purchasing Manager".

2. Add contact details

Introduce yourself and write your phone number. You should not indicate the address of residence, since it is unlikely that the employer will write you a letter. And here's the email address you need to write. It also does not hurt to indicate the city of your residence or the city to which you are ready to move (if you are ready). Write here how much you want to earn.

Do I need to include a photo? In general, this is not required, but desirable. Would you like to see a future colleague or subordinate? Your appearance can tell a lot about you. Therefore, do not be shy, choose a good photo and feel free to use it in your resume.

3. Describe work experience

Describe your work experience in as much detail as possible. It is worth starting from the last place of work, and ending with the first. If on your professional path you had to work in a completely different specialty for which you are applying, you can skip this information.

It is very important to describe in as much detail as possible exactly what your duties were and what heights you have reached. It is not necessary to use complex structures. Describe in your own words what you did, what you did, what you implemented and implemented at your previous job. Don't forget about your achievements!

4. Don't Forget Education

Now education. First, write about higher education or secondary special education. It’s worth doing this, if only because this way your future employer will be able to understand that you can bring the project to the end. You had enough courage, patience and ability to graduate from the institute.

But, of course, it will also allow you to learn about you as a specialist, to understand what knowledge you can have.

Do not forget about additional courses, trainings, seminars that you attended in your specialty. Show that you do not stand still and constantly improve.

5. Specify professional skills

A very important block is professional skills. This paragraph is the answer to the question “how to make a resume even more attractive?”. It is from him that the recruiter learns what you can do, what programs to work in, and so on. But just don't get carried away. If you don't know what to write, skip it. So that it does not appear platitudes and repetitions. And do not write off from competitors, write about what you know how to do!

Try to focus on those that help you be effective in your current position and unlock your potential. For each item, you need to have a specific work situation, when, for example, your leadership qualities or communication skills were most clearly revealed, and how this influenced the result.

The more languages you know, the better. Do not be modest, indicate everything you know. Suddenly your future employer needs a polyglot.

6. Add recommendations

It is possible to add contact details of those who can recommend you as a specialist - great! The more recommendations the better.

7. Enter additional information

Well, of course, drop a few words about yourself. Leave sociability, responsibility, accuracy, punctuality to competitors. And for your resume, use the original characteristic that really corresponds to your inner world.

When the resume is already written

Before posting your resume, check it for the following items:

whether there are grammatical and lexical errors in it. Have a friend read your resume before submitting it, or use an online spell checker;

in the description of the present place of work there should be verbs of the present tense: I work, I design, I manage;

in the description of previous jobs there should be verbs in the past tense; the entire summary should have one narrative style, the same applies to abbreviations - if you used abbreviations somewhere, then use them throughout the text (although it is better to refuse abbreviations and write the names in full); the summary format should be easy to read (large margins, not small print, but not too large print, enough space between lines, etc.); for the printed version, use good quality white paper; resume should fit on one, maximum two pages; if necessary, you should be able to confirm all the information that you have included in the resume.

If necessary, create a CV in two languages. Of course, a resume in a foreign language is subject to the same requirements regarding design, literacy and stylistic unity as a resume in Russian.

How to send a resume by email so that they read it

If you submit your resume through job search sites, you are using a lightweight job application form. It is necessary to remember a few simple and important rules for sending a resume by e-mail so that the letter is not lost and must be considered.

1. Specify the subject of the letter

The first and most important rule, which, according to recruiters, is neglected by many. The subject field is required. Indicate in the subject line, for example: "Response to the vacancy ...", or "Resume for the position ...", or directly write - "I am a designer."

So your letter will pass through the spam filter and the addressee will understand that he has received an appeal on a topic of interest to him at the moment.

2. Fill out the body of the letter with a cover sheet

Sending a blank letter to an employer with a resume attached to it has long been considered bad form. Use the message body to include a cover letter. Standing out with it is easy enough if you know how to write a cover letter that works.

If there is absolutely nothing to say, you can always use the option:

"Hello! Please consider my candidacy for a vacant position... and read my resume in the attached file. Sincerely, ..."

This template option looks much better than a message without text.

3. Don't overuse emoticons

Emoticons, or the emoji language, are very popular in correspondence. But do not forget that the stage of sending a resume is a business and formal communication, and you probably do not even know the recipient of your letter. Save emoticons in the form of real emotions for the interview.

4. Attach your CV file correctly

A file with a resume, portfolio or other documents indicated in the body of the letter must be attached to the letter. If you forget to attach the right file, it will not make the best impression. At the same time, double-check that you have not attached any outdated or position-oriented documents to your resume.

Never simply name a file "resume.doc". The best option is to include your name and job title. For example, "Petrov sales manager resume." An employer can receive a lot of letters with the same name of an attached file in a day, and he can save them all in one folder. By ridding him of bad work, you will win extra points.

When using MSWord for resume writing, it's best to keep the file available for an older version of the editor. It will open in a new one, which the employer may not have, and the previous variations of the program. For a more attractive appearance, resumes can be saved in PDF format.

5. Check the letter for grammatical errors

Make sure that there are no grammatical errors or typos in the text of the letter and in the resume itself. Mistakes in such a letter are unacceptable: check it with a special speller or speller. This assistant may not notice all the errors, but without it it is much worse.

6. Fill in the recipient's address last

It is advisable to do this last for a reason - this is the best guarantee that the letter will not go away by mistake, for example, after accidentally pressing the wrong key. Also, you do not need to add any other addressees when sending a resume, even in a copy. You're writing a letter to apply for a specific job, right?

7. Send a letter with a resume in the evening or in the morning

According to statistics, 40% of emails written late in the evening or early in the morning get through more often. To be at the forefront of emails that a recruiter will view, send him after 20:00 and before 8:00.

And only when you are sure that all 7 points are completed, the letter can be considered ready to be sent. also recommends that you read other tips on how to properly respond to a vacancy to put into practice all the subtleties of the job search process.




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