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Posting vacancies, internships and practices on the TAU University portal and in groups on 
                                                                 social networks.
Register a company on the portal and you will be able to post all current vacancies!
Information is promptly posted on Facebook and Instagram (more than 10 thousand subscribers), 
and vacancies are included in the weekly digest of current vacancies and internships on the 
website and in the mailing list for the TAU University student and alumni database (more than 
12,000 recipients).
Companies about the TAU University Career Fair
The TAU University Career Fair is the largest career event at TAU University, during which 
employers will be able to present their company, conduct a selection in the form of a short 
interview for potential interns, testing or a business game, and many other opportunities to attract 
students. As a rule, we hold such Career Days in early April.
And next year we are preparing to hold Career Days on an even larger scale, covering all faculties 
in a new format - the Career Marathon!
TAU University Career Fair is TAU University's largest career event. We hold it 2 times a year: in 
autumn and spring. If you would like to participate, please fill out this form!
1. Company name *
2. Field of activity of the company *
Information technology, internet, communication, telecom Marketing, PR, advertising Banking, 
finance, investments, insurance Design, graphics, modeling, Consulting, audit, personnel 
management, Logistics, foreign economic activity, transport, Science, education, Food industry, 
production of consumer goods Instrumentation, robotics, design Civil service Biotechnology, 
pharmaceuticals, medicine.
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Submit your application by email:
Practice, employment and career center
Head Tabeshev Khaidar Barlybaevich
010000, Nur-Sultan, st. Dukenuly, 29
TAU University, building B, room. 402B
+7 707 770 13 14 |
x.tabeshev@tau-edu.kz | www.tau-edu.kz

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