Department of Academic Affairs

Department of Academic Affairs


        The Department of Academic Affairs is the main 
structural subdivision of TAU, which provides planning, 
organization and improvement of the educational process, 
monitoring the quality of training of specialists.

         The Department of Academic Affairs in its activities is 
guided by the following regulations:

- the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education";
- Decrees of the Government of the Republic of 
Kazakhstan, regulating the field of education;
- Regulatory legal acts of the Ministry of Education and 
Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- State obligatory standards of education of the Republic of 
- Model rules for organizing the activities of universities;
- the Charter of TAU;
- Orders and orders of the university management;
- Internal documents of TAU;
- University internal regulations;
- Regulations on academic policy, etc.

Department`s main functions

Participation in the formation and implementation of a 
unified academic policy in accordance with the mission of
TAU and the strategic plan for 2021-2025.
Planning and forecasting the educational activities of 
structural units.
Ensuring compliance with and implementation of the 
norms of legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 
the educational activities of the university.
Organization of work to improve the efficiency of the 
educational process, the quality of training.
Organization of work on the development and 
approval of modular educational programs, a catalog of 
elective disciplines, working curricula and programs 
implemented by the university; ensuring the preparation 
and implementation of plans for the introduction of new 
areas, educational programs and forms of education.
Implementation of work on the introduction of 
innovative technologies in the educational process; 
assisting teaching staff in mastering and developing 
innovative programs and technologies.
Update of educational and scientific-methodical 
Coordination and implementation of work on the 
accreditation of educational programs in areas and levels 
of training.
Organization and holding of conferences, seminars, 
round tables on the problems of ensuring the quality of 
the educational process, improving the methodology and 
methods of teaching, methodological support of the 
educational process.
Organization and holding of external events for the 
development of vocational training, scientific and 
methodological work.
Organization of work on informatization and 
digitalization of the learning process and its management.
Participation in the examination and adaptation of 
created and acquired software products for the 
educational process.
Strengthening the traditional areas of methodological 
work and the development of new forms of 
methodological work.
Organization of work on the preparation and conduct 
of accreditation (institutional, specialized).
The Department for Academic Affairs includes the 
following structural units:
Office of Registrars;
Center for Practice, Employment and Career.


Director of Academic Affairs -

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Dairabayeva Aizhan 
Serikovna 8 (7172) 39-81-18 (ext. 125)

Room number - Educational building "C", room 101

Working hours - from 09:00 to 18.00 hours

Dairabayeva Aizhan Serikovna
Director Department of Academic Affairs


Department members

Дайрабаева Айжан Сериковна
Дайрабаева Айжан Сериковна

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