Clubs by interest

Clubs by interest

All students can attend sections, clubs and choose the appropriate classes, depending on their preferences.


Ballroom Club

The Ballroom club is one of the well-established dance clubs at the university. If you visit our dance recital, you can personally assess the quality of teaching.

You can clarify schedule by calling this number 8(705)6331525 (generally, the dance classes are conducted at a convenient time for students)



Bakhtiyar Kudabayev

Tavus Babayev

Aisha Omirzakova

Akmaral Akylova

Assel Kopeyeva

Dariga Kanapyanova


“Tigers of Turan”

The supporters club of Turan University “Tigers of Turan” was founded in 2018 by the student of tourism faculty Elzhas Kalabayev to support sportsmen, Zhaidarman members, and all campaigners of Turan University. Indeed, the supporters are the basis of the win, motivation and encouragement for everyone who defend the honor of our university.

Members: The core membership – students and professors of Turan University.

Contact method:

+ 7-702-671-43-90


Folk Dance Assemble “ZHAN”

The folk assemble “ZHAN” was established on 21 October, 2017 in Turan Astana University. For two years of intensive work, the folk assemble was recognized in letters of appreciation form. Participants of the folk assemble “ZHAN” successfully perform at the international festival of EXPO-2017 in Astana, “Jastar Jalyny-2018”, and also take part in each university performances. Nowadays there are more than 25 students in this assemble, which will rightly be successful and will perform in various showcase stages at university and elsewhere.


Association of good deeds “Ykylas

A community of people who are concerned about other people's problems. If someone needs financial, material or any other support, our association can help to provide it and to do everything in our power.


Aidos Shaimenov

Tamara Stepanova

Egor Ermolenko

Tomiris Omarova

Nurila Zhumagazina


Club of Cheerleaders

The club of cheerleaders was established on 2016 within Turan Astana University by the student of finance faculty, Aidana Bigisinova. The club created to support sportsmen who are performing on behalf of the university.

Cheerleading focused on exploring basic elements of gymnastics and acrobatics in the mixture of variety of dance styles which is among of specific priorities. The classes of cheerleading can help to develop such qualities as strength, flexibility, endurance. Strengthening of cardiovascular and respiratory systems is an essential part of cheerleading. After our classes you will feel incredible rush of power, energy and good mood. Cheerleading training contributes to the acquisition of new friends with whom you feel the atmosphere of dance.

Contact methods:

+ 7-705-601-72-86


Modern choreography of the dancer

Contemporary Choreography created in 2015 in Turan University.

Director of Choreography is the-fourth-year-student Guldana Aidarkhanova.

From the first year of education, the principle of consciousness and activity is introduced in the group.  The group of association can be characterized as a friendly and cohesive. Our team becomes a second family for each dancer, with which you can share your “professional” achievements, good mood, and your problems. Traditions were set at the very beginning of the establishment of the group, are still alive. The basis of repertoire is Contemporary Dance. At the same time without dwelling we develop our skills. In these dances is the desire to show the elements of stage skills, from the most simple to the most complex. The priority thing is to experience and make the audience feel the nature of the dance. And they succeed. There are more than 10 dance numbers in our repertoire.

The creative growth of the group can be clearly seen in the chronicle of achievements for all years:

Urban competition “Bile Astana”

Urban competition “Jastar Jalyny”

Performance at the concert in December, 1

Performances in the period of EXPO-2017

Contact Points: + 7 701 234-00-95


The musical label “NEW NOMADS”

Founded in October 18, 2017 at the Turan Astana University.

The musical label “NEW NOMADS” is the first project in the university which dedicated to the implementation artists among students.  The long journey that the team went through is an indication of how firmly it stands on its feet.

What's all this needed for?

We just care about our country and the culture that develops in it. We want to be involved in the creation of new names in the show business of Kazakhstan.

In general, as you can see, our company is at a wild pace, with thirst developing in the market of the music industry. To be part of our team is up to you and your desire!



Iliyas Aidarov

Parviz Ataboyev

Maxim Luzgin

Taimas Zhabin

Aslan Abdulla

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