Center for Practice, Employment and Career Information

Center for Practice, Employment and Career Information


The Center for Practice, Employment, and Career (CPEC) plays a crucial role as the bridge between the university and the labor market. It continually expands its partnerships with employing companies, allowing the CPEC to assess and address the interests and needs of these companies and align them with the capabilities of the university and its students and graduates. This engagement provides TAU students with valuable insights into the specific activities of these companies, practical experience, and information about potential job openings.

Key Areas of Activity for CPEC:

  • Organizing professional internships for students and postgraduates.
  • Conducting career fairs and recruitment events.
  • Arranging field trips to various enterprises.
  • Hosting business meetings and career seminars.
  • Developing and monitoring the careers of TAU graduates.

Primary Functions of CPEC:

  1. Establishing a modern demand for skilled professionals.
  2. Engaging employers in conducting masterclasses, workshops, and presentations for students and graduates.
  3. Creating a system that promotes the employment and integration of university graduates into the labor market.
  4. Collaborating with employers to develop educational programs.CPEC continuously works to expand its network of strategic partners, which aids in securing internship and employment opportunities. As of now, the university maintains partnerships with over 80 permanent social partners from various sectors, including departments located at the Best Western Plus hotel, Astana Institute of Integrative and Family Psychology LLP, LLP "Eurasian-Holding," and school-gymnasium No. 2.

An essential aspect of CPEC's activities is the organization of regular business meetings, masterclasses, and guest lectures. These events provide individuals with a firsthand understanding of a company's operations, information about available job positions, and a chance to plan their careers based on their experiences.

TAU's partners and employers readily accept students for part-time positions, enabling them to gain practical experience without compromising their studies. Moreover, students specializing in IT fields have the opportunity to undergo online training through the ARTASYNERGY platform, which qualifies them to work at ARTA SOFTWARE.

CPEC also maintains a database of TAU alumni, gathering valuable information about their career paths and achievements. This database serves as a valuable resource for tracking the progress of former students.


Contact Information:

Tabeshev Khaidar Barlybaevich - Head of the Center
Address: Astana city, Dukenuly Street, 29
Building: B, Room 221C
Phone: +7 7172 398118, Ext. 111

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