The Library and Information Center Information

The Library and Information Center Information


        The Library and Information Center is the scientific and information library 
complex of the University, plays an important role in the educational process and 
research activities. The Library and Information Center provides literature 
(documents) and information to the educational process, and is also a center for 
the dissemination of knowledge and intellectual communication.
The Library and Information Center of the University "Turan-Astana" actively 
develops the latest technologies. The KABIS automation system of the library and 
information system has been implemented in the library.
     A fund of an electronic library of its own generation is being created with a 
full–text database (DB)
     The Library and Information Center has access to e-books of the world's 
largest publishers in the databases EBSCO, Springer, Eelsevier, domestic EB 
National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NAB RK), Library of the 
Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Republican 
Interuniversity Electronic Library (RMEB), Republican Scientific and Technical 
Library of Kazakhstan (RNTB).


    The functions of the Library and Information Center are:
• Organization of service for readers on subscription and in reading rooms.
• Carrying out a set of measures for the purpose of promptly bringing 
information to readers about the library fund and new arrivals of literature.
•  Implementation of scientific processing of funds, disclosure of them in 
electronic catalogs, card files.
• Together with the departments of the University, the analysis of the book supply 
of the educational process in order to comply with the curricula and plans of the 


Building "B" office, 103
Tel.: 8(7172) 39-81-18 (ext.110)
Head of the BIC: Dubaeva Zauresh Gabbasovna
Working hours – from 09:00 to 18:00

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