Areas of research activities

Areas of scientific activities

Research work at the university is carried out in the following areas by teachers and faculty members:

1. Socio-humanitarian direction

- Formation of a creative multilingual personality in a multicultural environment
- Literary-scientific character of the "Babalar sozi" in the history of spiritual revival
- Scientific and methodological bases of lingvo-conceptual analysis in the art text
- Psychological and pedagogical conditions for the effectiveness of educational activities
- Psychological and pedagogical conditions for the development of social success of psychology students
- Psychological and pedagogical features of the ethnic tolerance of students


2. Economic direction

- Modernization and development of financial and credit system of the Republic of Kazakhstan
- Provision of subsidizing AIC in the system of the Republic of Kazakhstan
- Development of Mangistau region: problems and perspectives
- Development of foreign economic activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan


3. Legal direction

- Actual problems of development of sectoral legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan


4. Information technology

- Computer modeling of e-learning processes
- Bayesian approach and neural networks


5. Design, service and tourism

- Recreational research in natural sciences
- Socio-economic aspects in the development of tourism in Kazakhstan
- Mastery and inspiration


Scientific works of faculty members in accordance with the areas of research:

Social and humanitarian direction  (press to read)
Economic direction
Legal direction
Information technology
Design, service and tourism

Learning programs

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