Academic Olympiad in Fundamentals of Law at TAU

Academic Olympiad in Fundamentals of Law at TAU

On April 24, 2023, the Academic Olympiad in fundamentals of law for 11th-grade students of the comprehensive schools of Astana city took place at TAU University.


In accordance with the Regulations on the organization and conduct of the Olympiad in fundamentals of law  among 11th-grade students in Astana, the participants who have received the highest scores will receive a diploma as well as a scholarship* of the Rector to study in the 2023-2024 academic year at "TAU" University!


Participants who come in second place will become the recipients of a 50% discount* on tuition.


Participants with the third place will receive a 30% tuition discount at TAU.


*Note: To receive the above scholarships and discounts, the participant(s) must score at least 95 points on the UNT.


Name of the school

Gained points

Prize-winning place 


Hegai Evelina

Lyceum school №53 


Rector's Grant


Nurhasinova Aiganym

High school №30


50% discount


Zhumatayev Adil

Gymnasium school №9


30% discount


Galiakbarova Adelya

High school №7


30% discount

*The scholarship (100%) and 50-30% discounts are provided to pay for the first year of study.

In the future, the scholarship will be automatically extended if students will have no retakes and grades below "A." In addition, a student must receive prizes in international and national competitions, contests, and Olympiads.

The University expresses its gratitude to all participants of the Olympiad for their interest and active participation!



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