Acceptance of Applications for Vacant Government Educational Grants

Acceptance of Applications for Vacant Government Educational Grants

Dear students and master's degree students!

We are pleased to announce the acceptance of applications for available vacant government educational grants.

Applications will be accepted until January 20, 2024.

Interested students can contact the respective school deans or submit a written application scanned and sent via email.

Email addresses to submit applications:

Humanitarian-Legal School -;
School of Business and Information Technologies -

Eligibility criteria:

Students in the third year of the bachelor's program 6B06101 - Information Systems - (1 grant);
First-year master's students in the scientific-pedagogical direction of the educational program 7M01102 - Pedagogy and Psychology - (1 grant).

Participation Conditions:

Participants must be students studying on a paid basis;
No outstanding debts based on session results;
Students with "F" grades are not eligible for vacant educational grants;
Selection criteria: high GPA.
Required Documents:

Student's application with consent to publish their GPA publicly;
Transcript excerpt;
Copy of the identity document.


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