Dual Training: The Foundation of Practical Student Education

Dual Training: The Foundation of Practical Student Education

On September 7, 2023, at Turan-Astana University, the first dual training session took place for 1st-year students of the Department of National and International Law. The session featured a lecture titled "The Age of Criminal Responsibility and Photography/Videography at Accident Scenes," delivered by the Head of the Department of Inquiry, Police Colonel M.M. Kabdualiev, and Senior Criminalist of the Department of Police, Police Major M. Askarov.

The guest lecture generated significant interest among the students. The lecturer covered the legislative aspects of the age of criminal responsibility, including recent legal changes and the underlying principles. Statistical data and expert opinions on the topic were presented, and real case studies highlighted how the proper use of photography and videography played a pivotal role in criminal investigations.

The session was conducted in an engaging format, allowing participants to gain valuable insights into police work, explore a forensic toolkit, ask questions, and express their viewpoints.

The lecturers demonstrated high qualifications and professionalism in delivering the lecture and engaging with the audience.

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