Greetings from the University Rector on International Students' Day

Greetings from the University Rector on International Students' Day

Dear students,

Heartfelt congratulations on International Students' Day!

Undoubtedly, the student years are the brightest and happiest time in the life of every person. It is a period of creative activity, thirst for discoveries, and determination! At the same time, it is a very responsible period - your career and personal realization in the future depend on how effectively you spend it.

You, the students of our university, are the most creative, ambitious, talented, initiative, thoughtful, and creative young individuals for us. We hope that the education you receive within the walls of our university will make each of your steps more confident, open doors to a new life, and teach you to remain resilient in solving any problems.

For 25 years, Turan-Astana University has been opening its doors annually to new students who become excellent specialists in the fields of economics, law, information technology, tourism, psychology, and translation studies. We take pride in the achievements of our graduates and know that nothing is impossible for them because they have learned to learn and grow.

May your enthusiasm not fade with years, and may your inexhaustible energy be directed towards creating a better future! Don't forget that the future of our country is in your hands! Wishing you health, love, happiness, and success!

Best wishes,

Rector of TAU

Japarova G.A.

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