Klara Abisheva, professor of “Social, humanitarian and linguistic disciplines” department of TAU University has presented her book in Malaga, Spain

Professor Abisheva took part in the international seminar on "Rapprochement of European and Asian cultures", which was held from November 3 to 9, this year in the city of Malaga.


Her monograph describes ways of expressing the author’s attitude to the problems of security of the informational and textual space of a person, raises questions about the ecology of the cultural and moral environment of modern society, the threat to which is increasing (the growth of market relations, the influence of the postmodern mentality, mass culture, the formation of the social group of the “new people” society, the development of their postmodern mentality and the inculcation of the principles of hedonism, the establishment of social relationships “us and them” based on social symbolism; the involvement of money, drugs, power, wealth) which lead to the rejection of spiritual beliefs and possibility of increasing their intellectual abilities; the methods of representing the values picture of the world of “profitable people” are considered, their deviant behavior is characterized, attention is focused on the means of expressing the author’s assessment (linguistic units, symbols, concepts, verbal images) of the characters and their life.

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