Konrad Adenauer Foundation announces a local scholarships Sur-Place

Konrad Adenauer Foundation announces a local scholarships Sur-Place

Konrad Adenauer Foundation announces a local scholarships Sur-Place, issued for 5 months period
To be a scholar of foundation you have to be a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who is studying full-time at one of the universities in Kazakhstan and who passed selection procedure. The award of scholarships in the last year of study is possible in exceptional cases. At the time of applying for a scholarship, the applicant must not be older than 30 years. The advantage in the competitive selection is given to students participating in the socio-political life of the country, having an active life position, wide outlook and has a sense of purpose. Knowledge of a foreign language is welcome, but not required.
Future scholars of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation will pass a two-stage competitive selection process, the list of required documents, please see below.
To participate in the selection process students must submit the following documents:
 a completed application form with actual photo – the application form can be downloaded from the website https://www.kas.de/web/kasachstan
 1 photo format 3 * 4
 CV (German or English)
 a motivation letter outlining the objectives and plans of study, information about any priorities in the future, max. 2 pages (German or English)
 copies of Bachelor degree diploma (for master students and doctoral students) (German or English)
 copies of educational documents (copies of certificates and record books translated into German or English, certified by a university)
 2 recommendation letters from university professors that evaluate the participation of the scholarship applicant in academic, political
or social activities (on German or English, please provide a contact details)
 inquiry from the place of study (German or English)
The documents should be send only by POST MAIL to the address:
Konrad Adenauer Foundation Representative office in Kazakhstan 010001 Nur-Sultan Kabanbay Batyr 6/3 - 82 «For the SPS»
Deadline: 20/01/2020 (postmark stamp)
Additional information is available by e-mail: sps-kaz@kas.de, as well as by phone +7 7172 925 630
Only participants who passed all the criteria of the qualifying stage are invited to an interview. The travel expenses of participation in the interview cannot be refunded.
In case of an unsuccessful application the documents will not be returned to the sender.
More information about the Fund and the program can also be obtained on the website: www.kas.de/web/kasachstan
We look forward to your participation in our selection process and wish you success!

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