Opening of the educational laboratory "Robotics and 3D Printing"
Кафедра "Информационные технологии"

Opening of the educational laboratory "Robotics and 3D Printing"

      Today, on March 6, 2023, the grand opening of the laboratory "Robotics 
and 3D Printing" took place at the Turan-Astana University on the basis of 
the Department of Information Technology.

 The Rector of the University Professor Dzhaparova Gulzhamal Alkenovna 
addressed the audience with a welcoming speech.  In her words, she noted 
that the university will continue to develop IT - education, in which scientific 
and technical problems will be studied in the context of real life, 
contributing to the development of competitiveness and competence of 
future university graduates.  She wished creative success to the staff of the 
department and students in their endeavors.

 The first Kazakh cosmonaut, doctor of technical sciences, professor T.O. 
was specially invited to the opening of such a specific laboratory.  
Aubakirov.  He also advised the student youth to creative activity not only 
within the walls of the laboratory, but also in the future.

 Further, the teachers and students of the department demonstrated their 
skills in working with Arduino platforms, with the Flashforge Guider 3 Plus 
3D printer, with the Shining 3D 3D scanner and the Roqed Smart Panel 65 
interactive Flat panel.

 A fully equipped laboratory contains all the necessary tools and technical 
training aids, such as:

 - 3D printer - a device that uses a computer model to create and print a 
three-dimensional object.  These devices are able to recreate a real model 
from a digital three-dimensional model.

 - 3D scanner Shining 3D - a device that is used to create an accurate three-
dimensional model of an object in a digital file format.  It can be used in 
various fields of science, including engineering, medicine, design and 

 - Arduino KITS - training sets of components and instructions for creating 
devices based on the Arduino platform.  Arduino is a popular open platform 
for creating interactive designs and prototypes through microcontroller 
programming.  These kits contain all the necessary components such as the 
Arduino board, various sensors, LEDs, resistors, buttons and more.  They 
also include detailed instructions for assembling and programming the 
device.  The kits are used to build a variety of projects, including robots, 
home automation systems, measuring instruments, and more.  They are 
ideal for building the skills of students who are just starting out in 
electronics and programming, as well as for students and professionals who 
want to create more complex projects.  There are various Arduino kits in the 
department, each designed for a specific level of experience and projects.

 - The Roqed Smart Panel 65 interactive whiteboard is an electronic device 
that allows you to create and interact with digital content using a touch 
screen.  It works like a regular whiteboard, but has additional features that 
allow it to work with a computer, projector, or other devices.  It allows 
students to write, draw, scroll and change content on the screen using 
special markers.  The interactive whiteboard can also be used to control 
other devices such as projectors, sound systems, or computers, making it 
ideal for presentations or group work during class.


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