Students of the EP “Hotel and Restaurant Business” abroad in practice
Кафедра "Дизайн, сервис и туризм"

Students of the EP “Hotel and Restaurant Business” abroad in practice

Today, one of the criteria for the effective development of professional skills is the organization of internships for students on the basis of domestic and foreign organizations.

Students of the group UsRGB-21-1 Abisalieva Meruert, Chakueva Nazzhan, Muratbek Ayim, Bakhtiyar Beksultan, Abilek Salamat completed an internship at Turkish enterprises. The practice took place in two cities: Fethiye (Letoonia Hotel) and Alanya (Utopia Resort&Residence, Utopia Beach Club).

During the internship, students learned a lot of new information and became familiar with the principles and rules of another country, got the opportunity to see the main tourist sites, and also learned the language of this country. During the internship, trainings and experience exchange processes were actively carried out.

In general, today Turan-Astana University uses various new methods to effectively develop students’ practical competencies. Among them: active use of the dual education system, involvement of enterprise representatives in teaching, increasing the experience base, etc.

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