Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Learning and Research Lab!

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Learning and Research Lab!

Today, at Turan-Astana University, we held the opening ceremony of the Artificial Intelligence Education and Research Laboratory within the Information Technologies Department.

Our primary objective is to provide a unique learning experience that will help you become a highly sought-after specialist in the field of artificial intelligence. We are confident that through our educational and research laboratory, you will significantly expand your horizons and achieve remarkable results. Training bachelor's and master's students in information technologies using our cutting-edge computer equipment will enable you to deepen your knowledge of artificial intelligence and apply it practically. You will learn to develop and optimize intelligent algorithms, handle extensive data sets, and create machine learning and deep learning systems for various information programs.

Our university's students presented the EduCheck mobile application project—a comprehensive self-learning platform based on artificial intelligence. This project reflects an innovative approach and underscores the significance of research in the field of artificial intelligence.

The University's Rector, Guljamal Alkenovna Japarova, participated and extended her best wishes to students and faculty for success in realizing research projects and creative ideas.

We are dedicated to fostering a stimulating and creative environment where every student can unlock their potential and grow as an IT specialist. Join us and become part of an innovative community where the future is being shaped today!

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