Our goal

Business incubator
"Startup Univer"

Our goal

Business-incubator is a centre of innovations in our university. Our aim is to develop entrepreneur culture among students. The result product of Business-incubator is to prepare independent entrepreneurs in condition of market. University administration occupied our business-incubator by a special facility, work space for our residents, special organizational techniques, new furniture, projector, interactive board and Wi-Fi.

  • Business incubator

    Business incubator

    We do prepare independent entrepreneurs
  • Search and attraction of business mentors

    Search and attraction of business mentors

    and business angels, investors for project teams
  • Conduct practical courses

    Conduct practical courses

    interactive workshops with guest speakers
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Where to register company? How to start a business from scratch? What instruments of business are effective in each fields of economy? What are the specifics of tax system? We answer these and other questions.

There are 8 sections in 2017-2018. The total number of students and their teams is 97 students. Business-incubator accepts the most creative students in base of competition selection. Here students find help on finding business-model and support on realization their business-projects.

  • IT lab "Startup Academy"
  • Psychological service "Ψ-factor"
  • Travel Bureau «EXPO Travel»
  • Student legal clinic "Adlet"
  • Consulting Center "Innovative Business"
  • Creative Studio "Art Amanat"
  • "Turan Speaking" language center 
  • “Turan Print Agency”


Sections and curators Residents, members
IT-lab «Startup Academy» Bakhytzhan A.B. 7, 15
Psychological service «Factor» Мurzataeva A.B. 18, 7
Travel Bureau «EXPO Travel» Karazhanova M.H. 7, 4
Student legal clinic «Әділет» Imanbayev E.T. 9, 2
Consulting center «Innovative Business» Turdaly A.N. 11, 9
Turan languages academy Mukhamedzhanova A.A. 12, 19
Turan print agency Baityshev G.A. 2, 7

During the reporting period, 13 business coaches, current successful entrepreneurs were invited to business trainings:

  • - Danil Fayzulaev - Head of the Academy of Business and Oratory;
  • - Amirkhanova Elnara, marketing training- increasing sales;
  • - Nadirkulova Alua - expert of the National Human Rights Commission under the President;
  • - Saule Tugelbaeva - Director for Development of Educational Center 2 Elevate”
  • - Zhayykbaev Erlaz - business coach, training on the motivation of personal growth;
  • - Khamitov Arman - business coach; founder of the Dostyk Educational Center;
  • - Tasschanov Rasul - business coach;
  • - Camila Rollan - the founder of the educational center
  • - Amanzhol Alkey, founder of the IT company, winner of the Hackathon;
  • - Maksat Amanzhol - the administration of the hotel St. Regis Astana
  • - Meirambek Askar is the founder of the Nekafe chain and other bars

Residents of the business incubator conduct trainings for students in order to develop professional skills and consolidate knowledge.

Every Wednesday, residents of the Turan Speaking Club Language Center hold practical classes in English, residents of a legal clinic and psychological service go to a nursing home, where they provide free legal and psychological advice.

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