Educational and methodical work of the department

Educational and methodical work of the department

Educational and methodical work of the department

Psychologist is a unique specialty demanded in the labor market, which allows working in various organizations. The professional activity of a psychologist is aimed at the psychological support of people in the process of learning and working in various social spheres, identifying difficulties and problems in the life of students, teachers, parents, etc.

Training in the specialty "5В050300-Psychology" - on full-time and part-time forms of education on the basis of higher, secondary vocational and secondary education.

The department of this specialty is the department of "Pedagogy and Psychology", which prepares, in accordance with international standards, bachelors, masters and PhDs who are able to carry out professional activities aimed at psychological and pedagogical support of the educational process.

The strategic direction of the department is educational and methodical work, during which the development of new academic disciplines and forms of organization of the educational process; providing the necessary teaching materials; preparation of textbooks and manuals; development and introduction of innovative technologies into the educational process.


Educational and methodical work and documentation of the department are largely determined by the needs of the labor market and are regularly improved. For example, undergraduates, doctoral students and employers - representatives of educational organizations and educational authorities were involved in the development of the Educational Program.

The department develops and implements programs focused on the needs of employers, and creates mechanisms to continuously monitor changes in the labor market conditions and the main consumers' requirements for the quality of education. Within the framework of the activities of the Scientific and Methodological Council (NMS), the implementation of interrelation is carried out in the scientific direction, secondary, secondary vocational and higher education.

Assessment of the quality of educational services of the department is determined by the employment of its graduates. To this end, the department establishes close cooperation with employers. Representatives of employers participate in the meetings of the department and participate in the analysis of curricula, elective courses.

In the course of educational and methodical work, the process of passing students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the department of various types of psychological, educational, industrial practice is carried out. Practice as the defining component of vocational training covers all areas of the psychologist's activities - diagnostic, correctional, preventive, educational, advisory and research. During practice, future psychologists realize themselves in the positions of a school psychologist, a teacher of a cycle of psychological and pedagogical disciplines in a pedagogical college and a university, and finally carry out scientific research on topical psychological problems. For this purpose, contracts have been concluded with various schools, gymnasium schools, pedagogical colleges in Astana, and the necessary methodological documentation has been developed.

The level of educational and methodical work of the department is determined by the potential of its faculty. The qualitative composition of the department consists of leading scientists, practitioners in the field of pedagogy and psychology. Among them:

- Ph.D., Professor K.M. Nagymzhanova, which adapts and integrates the international experience of training and teaching (Czech Republic, Great Britain, etc.) into the educational process of the University Turan-Astana;

- Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professors RK Dyusembinov - representatives of the fundamental Kazakhstan pedagogical science;

- Ph.D., Professor S.K. Zhantikeyev, who is a leading expert in the field of psychological management;

- candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor L.S. Kulzhabaeva, Ph.D., Associate Professor N.M. Irgebaeva, Ph.D., Associate Professor S.B. Mukushev realizing psychological and psychological-pedagogical training of future teachers;

- Dr.PhD, associate professor S.D. Aubakirova and Ph.D., Associate Professor A.S. Mambetalina expanding ideas of future specialists about dual training.


The faculty of the department makes a lot of effort to improve the level of training of psychologists and provide them with the necessary educational materials.

The active scientific and methodological council of the department carries out advisory, evaluation and advisory functions. In line with his activities, a number of monographs, textbooks, teaching aids, and methodological recommendations of the teaching staff of the department were reviewed and recommended for publication.

The Department of Pedagogy and Psychology is the flagship in the application of innovative learning technologies. Teachers are actively using the strategies of critical thinking technology, the method of projects, group mosaics, case studies, drawing up flowcharts, and others. In order to get as close as possible to practice, some classes are held directly on the basis of psychological centers, schools and colleges.

The authority, validity, practical orientation and scientific character of the educational and methodical work of the department successfully contribute to the qualitative preparation of the sought-after psychologist in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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