Transfer, renewal and reduction

Transfer, renewal and reduction

Transfer and restoration of students from one educational program to another, from one university to another is carried out during the summer and winter holidays.

The student is transferred or restored to any university regardless of the terms of deduction during the restoration.

A university student is transferred or reinstated after deduction, if they completed the first academic period of the program being mastered according to the individual curriculum.

The transfer of a student from a paid basis for training for a state educational order is carried out in the manner approved in accordance with subparagraph 5) of Article 4 of the Law "On Education".

A student enrolled in an educational grant is optionally transferred with the preservation of an educational grant to another university.

When translating a student, the host university takes into account the direction of training and the profile of the educational program, as well as the student’s academic achievements.

Students enrolled in educational grants approved for individual universities, as well as pedagogical specialties within the allocated quota, are transferred to another university only on a fee basis.

Transfer of students, undergraduates and doctoral students from other universities to a national university is carried out subject to payment of the difference in the cost of an educational grant by students.

The transfer of a student from groups of higher education educational programs that require creative training to other groups of educational programs is carried out if there is a certificate of a unified national test with a score not lower than the established threshold score in accordance with the Model Rules for Admission to Educational Establishments Implementing Educational Programs of Higher and Postgraduate Education approved in accordance with subparagraph 11) of Article 5 of the Law on Education.


Recovery procedure is performed in the following order:

1) for academic failure;
2) for violation of the principles of academic integrity;
3) for violation of the Internal Regulations and the Charter of the university;
4) for violation of the terms of the contract on the provision of educational services, including non-payment of tuition fees;
5) on their own.

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