Food point

Food point

   Tau nutrition center is a structural unit of the University, which in its activities is guided by normative documents and complies with sanitary and epidemiological rules and norms.

   Organization of work of food points

   Catering facilities are located on the territory of the University. The public dining room has a menu of free choice of dishes with a variety of them on days of the week. In addition to the dining room organized the release of products through the buffet and coffee shop.

   The dining room is equipped with all necessary devices for the organization of service of students.


   Dining room for 100 seats with a separate area for staff and staff;

   Buffet – 15 seats;

   Coffee shop - 16 seats.

   The mode of operation of the power points is set and agreed with the administration. Food outlets  serve daily from 9.00 to 18.00 hours.

   On the work of the food items students can contact:

   Building B, office B215

   Phone: 8 - 717 – 239 – 81-18

   Internal: 115

   El Republic.address:

   Schedule: 09.00-18.00

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