At Turan-Astana University, an effective system has been established for the professional development, personal growth, and unleashing the creative potential of the students. This work is carried out by the Department of Youth Affairs.

The Department of Youth Affairs is a structural unit of the university, with its main tasks being the implementation of state youth policies and the organization of educational work with students. The department includes committees and student clubs based on interests.

The department oversees issues related to the prevention of legal violations, the promotion of integrity and a healthy lifestyle, the organization of residence and leisure activities in dormitories, student self-government, the development of volunteer and debate movements, immersion in student life, involvement in the university's development, personality development and correction, enhancement of social significance, and diversity of student life. This also includes oversight of the Military Department and student dormitories.


Department`s main functions

Key objectives:

  • Creating favorable conditions for the development of students' creative and athletic abilities, fostering self-expression and self-realization, engaging youth in student communities.
  • Licensing of existing student organizations.
  • Providing social assistance to students from socially vulnerable categories.
  • Conducting annual medical examinations of university students.
  • Providing technical support for university events.



Director of the Department of Youth Affairs, Master of Economics

Temirlan Sayranbekovich Kairzhanov

Address: Y.Dukenuly 29, 113B

Contacts: +7 702 671 43 90



Department structure
Department work plan



Learning programs

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