Committee for youth affairs

Committee for youth affairs



«Turan-Astana» University today is a university where the main actor is a student, where the education of the personality of a professional and citizen is the basis of the educational system. The educational system of the university provides not only the formation of personal qualities based on civil, moral, cultural values, but also includes the acquisition of professional skills.  The university prepares graduates who can quickly adapt to the modern conditions of the market economy, make independent decisions, take responsibility, be able to work in a team.

Student self - government is one of the forms of the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, carried out in order to consolidate the student social movement, solve student problems; bringing together university students to jointly address issues related to improving the quality of student life.

The body of student self-government at the University «Turan-Astana» is the Committee for Youth Affairs,  consisting of a group of initiative students,  a link between students and the management of the university.

The Committee on Youth Affairs (KDM) is a permanent representative and coordinating body of students, acting on the basis of the regulation on KDM, adopted at the conference of students and approved by the rector of TAU.

KDM is successfully working on the creation of a diversified educational environment that promotes high-quality professional and civic development of university students. 

Department`s main functions

  • - Activation of TAU students;
  • - Activating student life of TAU;
  • - Organization of student self-government TAU;
  • - Implementation of the TAU Youth Policy.

Cdm activity

includes various activities on the implementation of youth policy, organization of extracurricular events and holidays, mediation in the dialogue of students with the administration of the university.


- Participation in the organization and improvement of the educational process in the university by directions and in groups.
- Formation of an environment of creativity, mutual assistance in student groups.
- Participation in the organization of research work of students.
- Participation in the organization, holding of the Olympiads, scientific conferences.
- Participation in the organization of reviews, competitions in directions.
- Coordination of activities of public organizations of the University on implementation of youth policy, timely solution of youth problems.
- Cooperation with higher authorities, youth organizations on issues related to the practical solution of youth problems.

Members of the Youth Affairs Committee:

Aubdi Sherkhan Nurzhigily - Chairman of KDM, student of the 2nd course on OP «Jurisprudence»

Kalykov Talgat Zhandovich - Deputy for cultural and mass events, student of the 2nd course on OP «Jurisprudence»

The main purpose of the Culture Committee is to introduce colourful colours into the life of TAU students, to identify talents and support their activities,  to organize various events and entertainment programs for students.

Yerysheva Zhaynagul Sairanovna - Head of «Space Media Lab», student of the 2nd course on «Computer Engineering and Software»

Tasks of the Information Committee: creation of a single information field TAU; provision of students and employees with up-to-date information about the activities of the CD, events and events at the university, about actual issues and problems of students' lives; together with the administration of TAU participate in the organization and content of the site, official TAU groups in social networks.

Kamidolla Aruzhan Altynbekkyzy - Chairman of the Committee for External Relations, 1st year student in OP «Management»

The Committee for External Relations aims to ensure interaction of TAU students with youth organizations, partners,  to find new and interesting solutions for self-government from the experience of other universities.

Kanatbekuly Bauyrzhan - Chairman of the Sports Committee, student of the 2nd course on OP «International Law».

The Sports Committee shall organize the preparation and holding of sporting events,  shall assist in the organization of sports sections.

Tugelbayev Dias Beketovich - Head of MK «Zhas Otan», student of the 1st course on OP «Finance». 

Agzamov Samat Kairulovich - Head of the volunteer corps «Turan-Astana Volunteers», student of the 2nd course on «Jurisprudence».

Lulkovich Darya Vitalievna - Student Dean, student of the 1st course on OP «Jurisprudence»

Student Dean  -  Student Representative, Head of the Student Council of the Faculty, which makes decisions on student self-government, makes proposals to improve the activities of the Dean’s Office and the Faculty, Organizes events according to the student dean’s plan.



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