lecture by Temirgalieva Aisulu Bolatbekovna

lecture by Temirgalieva Aisulu Bolatbekovna

Do you want to realize yourself and start your own business, but don’t know how?
We invite you to a lecture by Temirgalieva Aisulu Bolatbekovna, where you can learn valuable information about modern development and ask questions that interest you!

Aisulu Bolatbekovna is the author of transformational games that change thinking, which are sold today all over the world!

You will have the opportunity to find out:
⁃ the whole path of becoming a successful woman from beginning to end;
⁃ how to not only create your own business, but also bring it to success;
⁃ about psychological methods that reveal personality and motivation for self-development;
⁃ how to overcome negative attitudes and stereotypes that prevent you from achieving your goals;
⁃ how to develop creativity, flexibility and openness to new opportunities.
Don't miss the chance to change your life for the better!

We are waiting for you at the guest lecture by Aisulu Bolatbekovna - November 16, 13:00, room B208!

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