On Febrary 28, 2023 the brain-ring «Moral Express» was held among students

On Febrary 28, 2023 the brain-ring «Moral Express» was held among students

On February 28, 2023, the Moral Express brain-ring was held with the 
participation of four teams - students of the School of Humanities and 
Law and the School of Business and Information Technologies.
Our students perfectly demonstrated their knowledge of the basic 
principles of an individual’s moral culture formation, the norms of 
etiquette, the culture of behavior and the ability to analyze ethical 
According to the results of the brain-ring, the 1st place was taken by 
the “Phoenix” team of the Humanitarian-Law School; 2nd place - team 
"Parasat" of the School "Business and Information Technologies"; 3rd 
place - Bad & Good"  team of the Humanitarian-Law School.
There were such nominations as:
- "Best team captain" - Umirtai Feruza, student of group M-22-1 (Team 
- "For original thinking" - "Phoenix" team;
- "For the desire to win" - the team "Bad & Good";
- "People's Choice Award" - the team "Tempus".
Also during this event, the TikTok videos “The New Morality of Creative 
Youth” submitted to the competition were shown and the results were 
summed up. The winner of this competition was the video of the 
students of the group M-22-1.
Congratulations to the winners and we are very grateful to all 
participants of these events!


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