Guest lecture featuring Galina Timoshenko on the topic of "Psychotherapeutic Interventions"

Guest lecture featuring Galina Timoshenko on the topic of "Psychotherapeutic Interventions"

On October 24, 2023, as part of the guest lecture series, Galina Timoshenko, a candidate of psychological sciences and the Deputy Director of the Institute of Metaphorical Psychotherapy, known for hosting the program "Understanding. Forgiving," and the author of over 25 scientific and popular publications, was invited to deliver a lecture. The lecture was attended by students, master's degree students specializing in "Psychology" and "Pedagogy and Psychology," as well as practical psychologists from the Department of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education (SSHED).

The lecture's theme, "Psychotherapeutic Interventions," focused on modern approaches to conducting psychotherapy sessions to address various client needs. It provided a detailed exploration of the technology behind a therapist's consultative work and analyzed intervention schemes with an in-depth examination of problem situations. Additionally, Galina Timoshenko showcased individual techniques developed over her 30 years of practical experience.

The lecture was characterized by its substantive content, interactive strategy, and practical application, demonstrating a high level of pedagogical and professional expertise in the field of practical psychology and psychotherapy.

Before the guest lecture commenced, a live video broadcast featuring Galina Timoshenko was shown, during which she answered client questions and analyzed their problem situations. At the end of the guest lecture, a proposal was made to establish a collaboration agreement between Turan-Astana University and the Institute of Metaphorical Psychotherapy in Moscow for joint scientific projects and student and department staff training.

The initiator of Galina Timoshenko's invitation and the moderator of the guest lecture was Professor S.K. Zhantikeev.

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