Open Day at TAU

Open Day at TAU

On November 15, 2023, Turan-Astana University hosted an event called "Open Day" for high school and college graduates from the city of Astana.

A total of 450 individuals from 15 local high schools and 2 colleges attended our event. The program included a presentation about Turan-Astana University and its educational programs, intellectual games, a lottery drawing, a concert program, and an opportunity for each graduate to visit the department related to their chosen field to gain insights into their future profession.

The Department of Information Technology organized a quest game involving solving mathematical problems, introduced attendees to IT laboratories, and conducted assessments of knowledge in computer science and programming.

The Department of National and International Law presented a demonstrative show of a court proceeding in the courtroom and provided insights into a criminal laboratory. Those interested in becoming psychologists were invited to participate in psychological training sessions. The Design Department, catering to art enthusiasts, hosted creative workshops on design and drawing. The "Business Administration" department assessed intellectual skills with mini-prizes.

The graduates expressed great satisfaction as they gained valuable information about future professions, explored the university's laboratories, enjoyed the concert program, and earned numerous prizes and gifts through their intellectual skills and participation in talent contests.

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