Educational and methodical work

Educational and methodical work

Educational and methodical work

The teaching staff of the department carries out educational and methodical work in accordance with the plan of the department. Every year, the educational-methodical complex, syllabuses, intermediate and final control are updated according to the new requirements and taking into account the new TEP

The teaching staff of the department organizes and conducts various events. Experienced specialists will share their innovative ideas, professional skills and various works. Exchange of experience is the best way to develop oneself, to teach each other, to improve the various methods, types and approaches used in the modern education system.

Open lessons, discussed in the methodical section of the department, facilitate the exchange of experiences. As it enhances professionalism, skills and knowledge, each teacher is interested in sharing experiences with colleagues.

The seminar-practice "Pedagogical skills" greatly contributes to the professional development of teachers of the department which held in every month. It discusses various issues of innovative and creative teaching, preparation of young people for the future profession, providing quality education. Colleagues actively share their pedagogical experience, present unique ideas and discuss various issues: what to do to be successful? How to increase students' motivation and initiative?

In order to improve the quality of training of pedagogical specialists and translators, the department works closely with the Translation Academy of Kazakhstan, the Association of Professional Translators and translation companies, schools.

There is a branch of the department in the school-gymnasium № 2 named by Gafu Kairbekov.

Opening of a branch of the department " Social, humanitarian and linguistic disciplines " in the school-gymnasium № 2

Teachers of the department, constantly working with undergraduates and students, hold various scientific and cultural events, which allow them to actively participate in conferences, competitions, contests and win prizes.

Teachers of the department hold various events outside the university: in other universities, organizations, schools and colleges in order to improve the image of our university. At this purpose, the department is actively involved in the organization of academic mobility of students and faculty, as well as attracts leading specialists to the department.

To provide foreign students (Uzbekistan, Pakistan, China, Mongolia) with educational and methodical literature, advisors are actively involved in the activities of the department.

In order to implement the trilingual education program, foreign language teachers regularly conduct English, Russian and Chinese language courses for teachers and students of the university.

In order to provide students and undergraduates of our university with quality scientific, educational and methodical literature, the teaching staff has the opportunity to publish monographs, teaching aids, videos, electronic textbooks.

Work on the development of academic mobility of teaching staff and students at the department is carried out on the basis of a certain plan; according to academic mobility, 2 teachers came to the department in the specialty of KNL - candidate of pedagogical sciences, Tlebaldina N.Қ., doctor of pedagogical sciences, Abdykadyrova T R. Students of the Kazakh Language and Literature specialty: Syrlybaeva Orazgul, Dosanova Aizhan, Abdimanap Aiman, Kenzhebekova Aralym were sent for academic mobility in Semey, “Kazakh Humanitarian and Law Innovation University”.

Students study academic mobility at the Kazakh Innovative University of Humanities and Law in Semey. Students of the Kazakh Innovative University of Humanities and Law A.Abduli and Zh.Tokmyrza study at our university.

Z.E.Kolumbayeva, professor of "Social Humanities and Language Disciplines", Ph.D., held a program on "Cognitive function of the humanities and modern methods of online learning." The purpose of the program is to create an open space between teachers and students and share modern methods used in the transition to the online educational process, to promote the contribution of our people to the life and prosperity of the country in the teaching of humanities. Undoubtedly, the life of historical figures will help young people to become citizens who care about the honor and dignity of the country, who are compassionate and loyal to their people. At the same time,  spiritual upbringing has a great educational value in leading the younger generation to success and shaping their personality. Promoting the work of individuals to the next generation is a priority for teachers. It is the legacy of our ancestors and spiritual revival. Ph.D. Z.E.Kolumbayeva's program, full of valuable feedback and data, has achieved its goal.


29/10/2020  OPEN CLASS

Akhmedina Beibitgul Kenzhebekovna, associate Professor of the Department of Social, Humanitarian and Linguistic Disciplines, has held an open lesson with 4-year students of "Translation Studies" educational program on the topic "Application in practice of methods and techniques of linguistic research" (download ppt).

The main purpose of the lesson was to study the patterns of language development, the relationship of language elements and methods of language learning. The problems of studying the methods and techniques of linguistic research were considered on the experience of the Prague linguistic school of structurism (Vilém Matezius, Nikolai Sergeevich Trubetskoy, Roman Osipovich Yakobson), the Kazan linguistic school (Krushevsky, Baudouin de Courtenay) and the Moscow linguistic school (Fortunatov, Ulyanov). A large number of visual aids indicate that the teacher prepared for the lesson with special care.

On the basis of rich theoretical materials, the topic was widely disclosed. These issues were highlighted when the audience feedback was conducted. Students took part in the lesson with great interest, which undoubtedly shows the pedagogical skills of the teacher. Students were given deep creative knowledge, skillfully backed up by practical assignments.


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