Summer term

Summer term

- What does "summer term" mean?

Summer Term is an opportunity to meet the need for additional training.


- For what purposes is the summer semester?

The summer term TAU is conducted with the aim of:

- increase the average grade point (GPA)
- elimination of curriculum differences
- elimination of academic debt
- study of academic disciplines and mastering loans for students from other universities
- mastering related or additional educational programs, including within the framework of double-diploma education.


- What courses can take the summer semester?

All courses except graduation


- Do all programs open admission for summer semester?

For all TAU educational programs, on the basis of an application, groups are formed and are paid for 1 credit.


- Until what date do I need to apply for the summer term?

Deadline - May 20.


- How long does the summer term last?

Summer term: not less than 6 weeks (5 weeks - theoretical training + 1 week - final control (exam week).


- When does the summer term begin?

Semester lasts from July 1 to August 10.


- Where can I get acquainted with the schedule of the summer semester?

You can get the summer semester schedule in two deans.


TAU invite students from other universities of Astana, the regions of Kazakhstan and foreign countries for the summer semester. Applications for review are accepted by DSP – Online



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