Bachelor’s degree in creative education




To enroll in the creative OP «Design» and «Decorative Art and Ethnodizayn» you need to submit an application
to the admissions committee from 20 June to 7 July.

Admission to the creative educational programs «Design» and «Decorative Art and Ethnodizain» is carried out on the application of the applicant in accordance with the UNT scores.

 The UNT results for the following subjects are taken into account:
- History of Kazakhstan (at least 5 UNT points);
- Literacy of reading (at least 5 points on the UNT).

In addition, you need to pass two creative exams: «Drawing» and «Technical drawing» on the basis of the university TAU

The maximum number of points for each creative exam: «Drawing» - 45 points, «Drawing» - 45 points. The minimum threshold score is at least 5 points for each creative examination.
The threshold for admission to university is 55 points.
Creative exams - from 8 to 13 July. 


Программа творческих экзаменов


Consultations will be held on July 7, 2022 from 10-00 to 17:00 hours in the Oud. A404, A401;
Applications for appeal are accepted on 9 July 2022. From 09-00 to 13-00 h. on the creative exam "Drawing" in the Aud. A303;
The appeal is accepted on 10 July 2022 from 09-00 to 13-00 h. on the creative examination "Drawing" in the Oud. A303.


If at the time of submission of documents until July 7 of this year the applicant does not have the UNT, or the results of the previous UNT are not enough points (less than 5 points in the History of Kazakhstan or Literacy Reading), then the graduate of the school can participate in the UNT in August, leaving an online application for from July 15 to July 30, 2022. But first you need to pass the documents to the university TAU  (until July 7) and pass two creative exams: "Drawing" and "Techical Drawing".


​Applicants to the educational programs «Design», «Decorative art and ethnodizain» can participate in the competition for awarding an educational grant for one group of educational programs and indicate in the application University «Turan-Astana» where they took art exams.

Applicants who passed the UNT in June and scored 30 out of 35 points in the History of Kazakhstan and Literacy Reading, as well as each creative exam for 40 points out of 45 maximum.

from 14 to 24 July to apply for a state grant through the Government Electronic Portal, indicating the group of educational programs "B031 - Fashion, Design".
In case of awarding a grant, the applicant can choose one of 2 creative specialties - «Design» or «Decorative Art and Ethnodizayn».

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