Board of supervisors

Board of supervisors

Board of supervisors TAU is an advisory body within the educational system of control process in high school, coordinating the activities of the methodological and organizational work of the curators of the academic groups. 
The main aim of the curators of the Council - to improve and enhance the quality and effectiveness of the methodological and organizational components of educational work with students of the University by providing the organization and coordination of effective activity of the curators, the interaction between tutors and students, monitoring the quality of curatorial work. 


The main tasks of the Council of curators:  

- organizational and methodological guidance and supervision of the curators of study groups; 
- preparation and submission to the university administration on state and prospects of development of educational work with students; 
- improvement and introduction of new methods of organization of social and educational work; 
- participation in the limits of its competence in the preparation and execution of administrative decisions the university management; 
- decide on other tasks in accordance with the objectives of the University. 


The main functions of the Board of supervisors:

- development of the curatorial work of the faculty plans in accordance with the Board of the University of the curators of the plans;
- control of the curators of student groups;
- the study and generalization of the experience of curators of student groups, to coordinate their actions, the organization of exchange of experience;
- Development of methodological issues of educational work proposals and recommendations with the students, as well as areas of work of curators groups;
- review and approval of work plans and the curators of student groups report;
- analysis of the results of intermediate certification and examinations;
- rating of social activity of students in groups;
- the organization of the annual contest "Best curator of the student group."

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