Eldership University of  «Turan-Astana» - the body of the student government in the implementation of educational activity of students. Eldership TAU combines elders educational groups of all   departments  and to develop a common policy in the area of their operation.
Eldership decisions are binding on all university students and of recommendation for school administrators.
The objectives of the eldership are:

- the formation of civic culture, active citizenship students, promoting their social maturity, independence, self-organization and self-development; control and organization of training activities, improving the efficiency and success of the study, activation of self-creative activity of students in the learning process;

- Formation of the needs in solving urgent scientific problems in their chosen specialty through a system of research  students; ensuring the implementation of the rights to student participation in university management, assessing the quality of the educational process;
- formation of students' skills and self-management skills, preparing them for a competent and responsible participation in society.
Eldership objectives are:
- identification of problems in the field of educational and scientific activities of students, analysis of their causes, develop solutions and recommendations for their elimination;
- legal protection of students in learning activities; - the identification and the most complete use of student academic and creative potential; - development of students' skills of management, ability to work in a team;
- support for student initiatives in the educational process.
- attracting the attention of university leadership to the problems of students in the learning process, the timely problem-solving;
- bring together and coordinate the activities of student organizations in the University of the implementation  of educational programs.

Learning programs

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