Student Service Center

Student Service Center


Turan-Astana University organized the Student Service Center (SSC) for the effective and optimal organization of the educational process, whose activities are focused on the development of information openness and transparency of the educational process; service optimization; formation of a culture of quality; exclusion of corruption factors.

The SSC provides a range of services to assist in educational processes, when students settle in a hostel; in obtaining military registration, student visas, migration registration; advising on academic mobility, and others.
The main functions of the department
The main goal of the SSC is to create conditions for timely and high-quality service for students on the one-stop principle. Students, parents, graduates and applicants of the university can contact the SSC for the following questions:
Restoration, expulsion, transfer from specialty to specialty or from another university;
Registration and re-registration for disciplines, formation of the IUPS;
Definition of GPA;
Determination of academic difference or academic debt;
Registration of academic leave;
Issuance of certificates of the SCPP, academic certificates, transcripts, diploma supplements, diplomas, as well as duplicate diplomas and applications;
Issuance of a login and password to enter the IS Platonus;
Organization of the summer semester, retake of academic debts, delivery of the academic difference;
Issuance of call certificates for the session;
Providing information assistance to students;
Consulting on internal and external academic mobility;
Military registration and booking, deregistration of conscripted students and employees, filling out documentation on forms and providing documentation to departments (departments) for defense affairs;
Acceptance of applications for extradition and provision of a certificate for deferment from the army;
Registration of permanent and temporary registration of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as foreign students, listeners, and guests (in accordance with the rules for crossing the state border) and assistance in obtaining student visas (by deadlines).


Contact Information
Building "B," Room B102
Phone: +7 717 239-81-18
Internal Extension: 124
Office Hours: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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