Given the high level of academic excellence expected from participants, a significant amount of independent research and training is required to successfully complete the program.
  • Languages

    Russian, Kazakh

  • How much to study?

    Profile direction - 1 year; Scientific and pedagogical direction - 2 years.

  • Academic degree

    Master of Economics in Finance.

  • More

    Deepen your understanding of capital markets and financing decisions that businesses and organizations need to take, and learn how financial accounting and reporting decisions affect markets and companies with a master's degree in finance. This program will enhance your professional career, providing comprehensive and thorough consideration of key areas of accounting and corporate finance.

    The Master in Finance is designed for students interested in a career in a wide variety of organizations and sectors of business, consulting and finance. It also provides substantial training for academic accounting or finance research.
    Corporate finance and management control are closely related areas. Everything lies on the surface, where business strategy, processes and information are combined and represent important functions in organizations, to ensure that the decisions made, processes are consistent with corporate goals and that strategies are related to performance.
    All graduate program participants begin with general core courses that expand your thinking, covering, for example, strategic management accounting, theory and practice of financial reporting, analysis of financial statements and appraisal companies.
    Careers in corporate finance, financial accounting, financial analysis, internal audit and control, treasury management, and related professions require a deeper understanding of theories and practices of finance. The program addresses this need and is based on the idea that learning is fruitful when applied in practical decision-making contexts. A strong emphasis is placed on the participants' ability to insight and the ability to critically apply their knowledge.

Learning programs

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