Information Technologies

Information Technologies

"Information technologies" department was founded in 2004, is a structural subdivision of the faculty "Business and Information Technologies". The work of the department is carried out according to a developed and approved plan, in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education" dated July 17, 2007 with amendments and additions, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Science" dated February 18, 2011, the Charter of the University, the position of the department, orders rector.

Head of Department - Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor Ainagulova A.S.

The department is preparing for 2 specialties of undergraduate and 1 master's degree in the scientific and pedagogical direction and the profile direction:

5В070300 – «Information systems»;
5В070400 – «Computing and software»;

6M070300 – «Information systems» (the scientific and pedagogical direction);
6M070300 – «Information systems» (the profile direction).
Studying is conducted in the State and Russian languages..


Professors staff

Инютин С. П.
Инютин С. П.


Токешева К. Н.
Токешева К. Н.

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