The following directions of social support for students are provided:

- provision of benefits and financial assistance to students: discounts in the amount of from 10% to 50% for the first year of study, based on the results of the UNT; 
discounts in the amount of 25% of the best ten of the course - based on the results of the GPA; discounts up to 25% for students from socially vulnerable families. 
- free education for orphans for the entire period of study; 
- there are social discounts for teaching students from large or low-income families, from families with disabled parents; 
- financial support for cultural events (payment for tickets to concerts, clubs, entertainment events).

Material support for students is carried out through the system of discounts in tuition fees, and they are also provided with university educational grants (grant of the rector). 
The award of the grant of the Rector of TAU and the grant of T. Aubakirov is carried out on a competitive basis, the amount of which covers the cost of training at the University "Turan-Astana".

Learning programs

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