TAU University is actively engaged in international grant activities. Every year, TAU University employees submit grant applications jointly with foreign partner universities, including universities included in the TOP-100 world rankings. TAU University has considerable experience in participating in grant programs of the European Union, such as ERASMUS+, TEMPUS, Inwent, FP7, etc. The projects implemented within the framework of these programs are aimed at the modernization and internationalization of higher education, improving the quality of scientific research, as well as the creation of a platform for the development and  strengthening of cooperation with partner countries.

Information services-assistants for the preparation of applications for international grants:

Massive open online courses for the preparation of a grant application:

Information services

  • Search for foreign partners
  • How to prepare an application for an international grant
  • Search for contests
  • Foreign grant programs and funds
  • Subscribe to news about international grants (only for registered TAU University users)
For international grant activities, please contact the Department of the Department of Science and Innovation of TAU University

Partner search information services

  • The CORDIS Information Portal Partner Search service is one of the largest databases containing questionnaires filled out by potential partners. On the portal, you can leave a request to find partners.

  • Projects of the Horizon 2020 program (Horizon2020 Projects)
  • National contact points: the main source of information where they can provide advice, practical information and assistance on all issues of participation in the Horizon 2020 program, including the search for partners. Information about Russian national contact points.
  • Projects that have received funding: the ability to search for all projects funded in the 7th Framework Program. The information contains the contact details of the research managers, direct access to which can lead to the desired result.

Databases for searching for partners in various areas

  • ICT Idealist Partner Search – search for partners in the field of information and communication technologies. The service also includes recommendations on the formation of an organization's questionnaire in order to find partners.

  • Net4Society is a tool for finding partners in the field of socio-economic and humanities.
  • Nanosciences and nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production technologies Partner search – placement of ads about the search for partners in the field of nanotechnology.
  • SEREN2 is a network of national security contact points.
  • ETNAplus is a network of national contact points for transport.
  • Innovative Medicines Initiative Partner Search is a partner search service offered as part of the Innovative Medicine Initiative. The initiative supports the formation of joint projects and network communities with the participation of scientific experts for the development of pharmaceutical innovations. The site contains information about large, medium and small businesses, as well as universities.
  • ENV-NCP-Together is a network of national contact points on environmental issues.
  • C-Energy+ is a network of national energy contact points.
  • Enterprise Europe Network Cooperation Opportunities Database – this site publishes a large number of innovative and technological requests from international companies and research organizations, which helps to find a suitable partner for bilateral cooperation in the field of business, innovation and technology.

Search databases and reference books prepared by Russian universities

  • Portal on Russian-European scientific and technological cooperation. A table is presented, broken down by thematic areas with an indication of partner search portals in Europe.
  • DIRECTORY of search engines and Internet resources for finding foreign partners, universities, programs, projects. Prepared by Siberian Federal University.

Learning programs

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