Center for Quality Management, Accreditation and Rating

Center for Quality Management, Accreditation and Rating


The Accreditation and Rating Department was established in accordance with 
the Charter of the University and on the basis of the Decision of the Academic 
Council, Minutes No. 2 dated September 23, 2020.

Main goals: ensuring high competitiveness of the university in the domestic 
and foreign markets of educational services
Objectives: Improving the quality of the educational activities of the University 
through participation in national and world rankings, preparation and 
successful completion of institutional and specialized accreditation of the 
University in national and international agencies

Department`s main functions

Organization and coordination of the activities of the Council for Academic 
Quality of the University
• Collection and analysis of information about the activities of the University, to 
provide national and foreign rating organizations with their requests
• Information and consulting support for the activities of departments and 
structural units aimed at improving the position of the university in various 
• Collection and analysis of information about the activities of the University for 
submission to national and international accreditation agencies, in accordance 
with their standards
Organization and preparation of documents and support of the procedure
of institutional accreditation, accreditation of educational programs
• Participation in the work of commissions for self-evaluation of educational 
• Organization and implementation of a comprehensive audit of the activities
of the structural divisions of the University in preparation for accreditation of 
educational programs / institutional accreditation



Leading specialist - Asylaeva Kadisha Kusbekovna

8 (7172) 39-81-18 (ext. 111)

Astana, st. Dukenuly, 29

Educational building "B", room 217
Working hours - from 09:00 to 18.00 hours

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