Рedagogy and Рsychology

Рedagogy and Рsychology

As one of the relatively young sciences, psychology is about fully developed human intelligence and behavior, and Sigmund Freud is one of the first scientists to discover and develop this field of knowledge.
  • Languages

    Russian, Kazakh

  • How much to study?

    Profile direction – 1 year; Scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years.

  • Academic degree

    Master's Degree in Psychology

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    With a master's degree in psychology you will study many of the theoretical foundations of human behavior, emotion, and cognition.

    The Master's Program in General Psychology is a program that will prepare students to develop fundamental knowledge in the field of psychological theory and research. In addition to the direct benefit of acquiring foundational knowledge in psychology, the curriculum is designed to promote the development of basic interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity, and additional knowledge and skills that enhance student preparation for professional practice in an increasingly diverse range of settings, schools, and communities, in business and industrial environments, as well as in hospitals.

    A master's degree in general psychology provides students with a foundational knowledge of theory and practice and prepares them for a variety of careers. Candidates require a bachelor's degree.

    The Master's degree in General Psychology offers students in-depth training in the major areas of psychology and the opportunity to develop and study specialized areas of interest. Students work closely with faculty teachers to develop a customized course of study that combines classroom learning and hands-on research experience. Graduates will have a strong foundation for doctoral study in psychology and related fields.


What else should I know?:

The program prepares graduates for work in a variety of fields, including knowledge and engagement in their field of study.

The Department of Psychology at TAU University offers a stimulating and supportive graduate learning environment. Students are encouraged to collaborate with teachers in research and other academic and professional activities.

Our library loans are excellent, so students have relatively quick access to our well-stocked library.

Psychologists today work in a variety of fields, conducting research on mental function, social behavior and cognitive processes, and trying to understand the neurobiological nature of the mind. This two-year program is based on specialized theoretical subjects and supervised internships are an integral part of the Master's degree in Psychology as they provide practical knowledge to graduates.


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