Management in education

Management in education

An educational manager is a professional involved in the management and coordination of various aspects of educational institutions or educational programs.
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    Russian, Kazakh

  • How much to study?

    Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Pedagogical Sciences by specialty «7M01104-Management in Education».

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  • Mission of the educational program

    Providing conditions for obtaining full-fledged, high-quality professional education, professional competence in the field of management in education

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    The Master's program in Educational Management is designed to prepare students to develop fundamental knowledge and skills in the field of management of educational institutions and processes. This program provides students not only with the theoretical foundations of management, but also with practical tools for making a profit in the field of education. The goal of the Master of Science in Management Education program is to prepare graduates for a variety of career opportunities in academic institutions, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and other forms of education and management.

    A Master of Science in Management Education program typically includes the following important aspects:

    1. Theoretical foundations of management:

    Study of basic management concepts and models.

    Analysis of the direction and methods of management in the educational sphere.

    2. Management of educational institutions:

    Organizational structure and personnel management in educational institutions.

    Budgeting and financial management in education.

    3. Marketing and strategic planning:

    Marketing strategies to attract students to ensure and competitiveness of education.

    Development of strategic plans and goals for educational organizations.

    4. Quality of education and assessment results:

    Monitoring and evaluation of the quality of educational programs.

    Improving the quality of education and feedback.

    5. Ethics and legislation in education:

    Ethical issues and legislative aspects related to the management of educational institutions.

    6. Innovations and technologies in education:

    The use of modern technologies and innovations in educational activities.

    7. Practical experience and internship:

    Opportunity to conduct an internship or practical work in educational institutions or in draw up  authorities.

    Master's Program in Management Education provides students with a wide range of knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in educational management. This program can also prepare graduates for further scientific work and advancement in the educational field.


What else should I know?:

Master of  EP “7M01103 – Management in Education” can work:

- in educational institutions of different levels: general education institutions (EI), preschool institutions (kindergartens), educational institutions of primary, secondary and higher professional education, institutions of additional education, in which graduates can work in leadership positions;

- in various educational organizations (commercial, non-profit, state, non-state) as performers or junior level managers in various services of the management apparatus;

- in state educational authorities, including the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan; republican departmental education management bodies;

- in various research organizations related to solving management problems in education.

A Master of Education by educational program “7M01103 – Management in Education”, according to the education received, can occupy the following positions:

• leadership positions in various educational organizations

• preschool, secondary general education and  professional and additional education institutions;

• specialist of educational authorities.


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