Information systems

Information systems

The current age of developed information technologies makes new demands on the labor market, and today IT-specialists - graduates of the Information Systems specialty - have become one of the leaders in demand.
  • Languages

    Kazakh, Russian

  • How much to study?

    On the basis of secondary education - 4 years; On the basis of technical and vocational education – 3 years; On the basis of higher education – 2 years

  • Academic degree

    Bachelor's degree in information and communication technologies in the educational program 6B06101-"Information Systems"

  • Mission of the educational program

    Training of highly qualified specialists in the design, creation and administration of information systems with knowledge in the field of information, mathematical, software and technical support of information systems, which allow them to apply various approaches to solving complex management tasks in their professional activities.

  • More

    Graduates can work as engineers, programmers, system administrators at enterprises of various forms of ownership and work in the field of:


    • Design and development of various components of information systems and information systems in general;
    • Installation, configuration and administration of the network infrastructure of information systems;
    • Design and administration of information systems databases;
    • Maintenance of information, software, technical, organizational and legal support of information systems and their elements.


What else should I know?:

It is difficult to imagine our current life without an IT specialist. The Internet and web technologies play an important role in the development of manufacturing, business and science.


Bachelors of this profile are intended for economic, managerial, entrepreneurial, commercial and research work in organizations of various forms of ownership and in various fields of activity. Almost any company today needs to automate its business, to be able to work on an internal computer network and quickly exchange information in electronic form between divisions and departments, keep records of products, purchases, and goods sold. These are the tasks that our graduates are doing.


What can I become?

  • Software engineer (programmer);
  • Programmer (webmaster, web designer);
  • Information security specialist in key information infrastructure systems;
  • Information protection specialist;
  • Computing (information processing) center technician;
  • Information Security Technician;
  • Technician-programmer;
  • Database administrators;
  • Specialist in the creation and management of information resources;
  • Systems Analyst.






Learning programs

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