Computing technology and software

Computing technology and software

The advantage of the specialty is that graduates acquire knowledge in the field of information technology and software, which significantly expands the field of their work and serves as a guarantee of their relevance.
  • Languages

    Kazakh, Russian

  • How much to study?

    On the basis of secondary education - 4 years; On the basis of technical and vocational education – 3 years; On the basis of higher education – 2 years.

  • Academic degree

    Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication technologies in the educational program 6B06102-"Computing technology and software"

  • Mission of the educational program

    Training of highly qualified computer and software specialists with fundamental knowledge of information technology, able to apply conceptual knowledge and engineering skills for the design, development of computer and information systems software.

  • More

    Graduates will be able to apply their knowledge in the market of the latest computer, information and communication technologies and work in the field of:


    • Designing the architecture of the components of hardware and software systems and the corresponding human-machine interfaces;
    • The use of computer technology, programming tools for the implementation of computer systems for information processing and control;
    • Designing elements of mathematical, information and software for objects of professional activity;
    • Creation and research of mathematical and software models of computational and information processes associated with the functioning of objects of professional activity;
    • Selection and implementation of mathematical models of phenomena, processes and systems by means of computer technology;
    • The choice of technology, software tools and computer technology when organizing the development process and research of objects of professional activity;
    • Installation, configuration and maintenance of system, instrumental and applied software, computer technology and computer systems for information processing and control;
    • Maintenance of software products, computer systems for information processing and control.


A programmer is a specialist who develops software (software) for personal, embedded, industrial and other types of computers and computer networks. It can be both the head of large software development projects, and the "loner" who writes the code of a specific program to solve a narrow research and production problem.

What else should I know?:

All graduates of the educational program "Computing technology and software" of the Department of "Information Technologies" are employed and successfully work in large companies in Kazakhstan and abroad as system and applied programmers, system administrators, specialists in the design (maintenance) of software and information systems, web programmers, etc.

What can I become?


  • Information Security Engineer;
  • Software Engineer (programmer);
  • Programmer (webmaster, web designer);
  • Technician of the computing (information and computing) center;
  • Information Security Technician;
  • Programmer technician;
  • Software Designer;
  • Software Maintenance Specialist;
  • Information Technology Testing Specialist;
  • Specialist in system and network administration.



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