Information technologies

Information technologies

Are you passionate about cutting-edge information and new technologies? Do you want to use complex computing resources to solve real problems in business, government, health and society? Then you’re in the right place!
  • Languages

    Russian, Kazakh

  • How much to study?

    Profile direction - 1.5 years;
    Scientific and pedagogical direction - 2 years.

  • Academic degree

    1. Master of Engineering and Technologies in the educational program «7M06101-Information Systems». 2. Master of Technical Sciences in the educational program «7M06101-Information Systems».

  • More

    Educational program objective

    For the profile direction: training of specialists on information systems competitive in the labor market for state, local, regional, foreign institutions.

    For the scientific and pedagogical direction: training of specialists with skills, knowledge and skills in the field of IT-technologies, development of modern IT-models for the economy and effective management of human activities with the help of scientific approaches.

    Regardless of your technical programming skills, a Master of Information Technology is the fastest and best path to a career in the technical industries.

    What does that get you? Sung Master will give you the technical qualification and the necessary theoretical basis to keep up with the times with the changes that are constantly, penetrate into various spheres of human life.

    You will learn the basic technical skills, apply them to a number of platforms and learn to analyze the basics of information systems:
    - algorithms,
    - analyst,
    - data mining,
    - cloud computing and programming. Already interesting?

    A master’s program in information technology (IT) or computer information technology can teach students the skills needed to manage IT projects and various networks, develop and apply security measures or develop database systems. 

    You will be introduced to the fundamental technical skills that are applicable across different IT platforms and will not become obsolete as new technologies become available. The knowledge gained in applied algorithms, data mining, distributed computing, and human-centred design will allow you to evolve and adapt to the rapid pace of technology. As the industry continues to transform into IT, a new workforce with transferable coping skills is in high demand in the labour market worldwide.

    The course is equally suitable for those who have limited knowledge in the field of information technology, who are looking for advanced technical and theoretical education, and those who have a lot of experience in this field.

What else should I know?:

As every area of human management critically lacks IT skills, TAU University graduates will have good career opportunities, regardless of their specialization. Graduates will have the necessary knowledge and skills that will make them globally mobile across industries.

Graduates will find themselves in areas such as cloud computing, web application development and mobile applications, as well as in disaster management and GPS technologies, high-tech such as data analytics, system programmer, cloud computing specialist, user experience (UX) expert and developer of mobile based systems, etc.


Masters in the educational program 7M06101 -"Information systems" can perform the following types of professional activities:

Profile direction
- Engineer;
- Programmer engineer (programmer);
- Systems engineer (network administrator).

Scientific and pedagogical direction
- Programmer engineer (programmer);
- Systems engineer (network administrator);
- Research Fellow;
- Teacher of universities and colleges.


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