Quality Assurance Department

Quality Assurance Department


Department Task:

Establishment and management of the university's internal quality assurance system and quality management system.

Department`s main functions

The main functions of the department

  • Analysis of world experience in the field of quality assurance systems for higher education, development of proposals for their implementation;
  • Coordination of the activities of the structural divisions of the university to ensure quality;
  • Development of the Internal Quality Assurance Policy and Standards;
  • Monitoring the implementation of internal quality assurance standards and developing proposals for their improvement;
  • Providing consulting and methodological assistance to structural units;
  • Definition of the concept of improving the quality management system based on international standards;
  • Implementation of the process approach, development of tools for improving the quality management system, designing a network of processes, defining criteria for analysis and evaluation of processes;
  • Determination of the basic principles for the development of internal regulatory documentation;
  • Providing consulting and methodological assistance to structural units on the development of an internal quality assurance system, documenting processes, implementing regulatory documentation;
  • Development of measures to improve the quality of educational services;
  • Ensuring the interaction of the department and structural divisions of the university in the implementation of the tasks and functions of the department;
  • Formation of reporting documentation on the work of the department;
  • Carries out other functions, in accordance with the task of the PKD, as well as determined by the bodies, management and internal regulatory documents of the University.


Director of the Quality Department: Nurpeisov Sagat Elubayevich
Phone: +7 717 2 398-118 (ext. 109)
Office: Building B, Room 221
Email: nurpeisov@tau-edu.kz


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