The specialty “Finance” gives a complex of knowledge in the field of public and private finance, banking and insurance, money circulation, financial management, securities market, taxation, etc.
  • Languages

    Russian, Kazakh

  • How much to study?

    Duration of study: 4 years on the basis of secondary education, 3 years on the basis of technical and vocational education, 2 years on the basis of higher education.

  • Academic degree

    Bachelor of Economics and Business

  • Mission of the educational program

    The mission of the Educational program - training of specialists in the field of finance is to form students' professional skills in the organization and functioning of the banking system, insurance, taxes and taxation, public sector and financial management of the corporation.

  • More

    The undergraduate degree in finance is designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain access to the main areas of finance:

    Corporate finance manages the financial resources of non-financial firms. This involves planning, acquiring and financing resources for a business. A student interested in pursuing a career in corporate finance will take the necessary course of specialization in the field of corporate finance as well as special optional courses.
    You will go into the field of finance and business to understand the theoretical and practical approaches to financial management.

    Your study will be based on the basics of corporate finance: we will focus on risk and return markets, bonds and stocks, valuation of bonds, analysis of current value, analysis of the internal rate of return and analysis of projects using the weighted average cost of capital.
    The undergraduate degree in finance at TAU ​​UNIVERSITY is an effervescent cocktail of financial planning, analysis and strategy. As a holder of a higher education diploma in finance, your skills will combine extensive business administration management, you will develop leadership, critical thinking and decision-making skills, with additional coursework that is focused on finance and topics of interest to corporate business level, such as investment, economy, and accounting.


    After graduating from the specialty "Finance", you can work in the following areas:

    -financial and tax managers or analysts;
    -Risk managers;
    -Brokers and dealers;
    -Investment and credit managers;
    -insurance agents;
    -Bank employees;
    -Accountants and cashiers;
    -In the ministries;
    -In the banks of the first and second level;
    -In the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on regulation and supervision of the activities of the financial market and financial organizations, in the economic services of ministries and departments; -In the exchanges, in budgetary organizations, investment funds, economic entities of various organizational and legal forms, research organizations; -Independent experts of export-import operations; -In national and foreign companies.


The diploma in the specialty “Finance” allows graduates to become a successful businessman, to make a career in private enterprises and organizations, banks, stock exchanges, financial and insurance companies, investment and pension funds, financial departments of akimats and treasuries, tax authorities.

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